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For Individuals and Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Coutts Crane provides cost-effective and results-oriented representation and advocacy for our clients.  We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. We achieve this enviable position by earning it; through strength, integrity and vision.

We have been maintaining this level of personal care since the firm was founded in 1949.  Coutts Crane has a long and distinguished history and has been established at the same location at University and Dundas for the past twenty-five years.  The firm's founder Elgin Coutts, Q.C., instilled the values of service, integrity and highest professional standards which are part of the firm's culture.  Over the course of its long history partners have included Donald Day Carrick, Q.C., former Member of Parliament for Trinity, Tom O'Connor, Terry O'Connor, Dennis O'Connor, J. Douglas Crane and Ronald Crane.  The firm has been associated with Arthur Maloney, B. Clive Bynoe and Robert Mark, among others.  Elgin Coutts formally retired in June 2009 on the 60th anniversary of his call to the Bar and he continues to provide advice to the current partners Robert A. O'Brien, Michele D. Guy, Kevin M. Power and Harry Polizos, who continue the firm into the next generation.

Time and again, we have helped people and companies realize their dreams and ambitions efficiently and cost effectively.  We offer an array of services, customized to meet and exceed each client's unique need. 

How we do Business

Coutts Crane views each and every client as a customer, recognizing that our clients expect to receive the best and most cost-effective legal representation available.  Having the right lawyer can make the difference between winning or losing and between a really good deal and a really bad one.  For those reasons, Coutts Crane maintains an impressive roster of clients, who rely on us, time and again, for all their legal needs.

We exceed the highest standards of legal ethics, and that is why we enjoy a relationship with all our clients that is based on complete and total trust. This explains, in part, why our clients have such deep confidence in our judgment and counsel.  While it may not be the way other firms do business, we could not do it any other way.